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Pages about my chessclub (In Dutch)


Contains information about chess-software, instructions for playing back chessgames in PGN-format (In Dutch)

Aljechin-Euwe 1935

You can play back the 13th matchgame on the Mysty Beach PGN-viewer, and you can read about my researches in the whereabouts of the location that it was played in, Cafe Van Klaveren in the Watergraafsmeer (In Dutch)

About Nimzowitsch

I'm jotting down some notes on Nimzowitsch (English)
God Bless America
Notes to a crooked newspaper-diagram (Dutch)
De Inktvis
(In Dutch)
De Ornithologische Connectie
(In Dutch)
Clubbladen schaakclub Max Euwe/Morphy 1983-1997
(In Dutch)

My best games

Using the Chess Tutor Java Applet. It's very beautiful but takes some time to load

W.J. Nijenhuis 1998

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