What's new?
November 30, 2007
Added 'Nimzowitsch' Forgotten Games'
November 7, 2007
Added 'Autumn Colors'
July 1, 2007
Added 'Clubmagazines Chessclub MEMO 1983-1997'
August 5, 1998
I added a picture of Middenweg 88-90 in my piece about Aljechin-Euwe 1935.
May 3, 1998
I made a presentation of some of my drawings and paintings
March 30, 1998
I installed Misty Beach PGN-viewer on my chess pages ande wrote the piece about Aljechin-Euwe 1935
January 30, 1998
I added the pages about chessclub Max Euwe Amsterdam and its email-magazine Euwe-Online
March 31, 1997
Adjustment of JavaScript for the push-buttons in such a way that Microsoft Internet Explorer -which does not know the Image object- will no longer give an error message.
March 22, 1997
I animated the push-buttons on the control-bar with Javascript.
March 4, 1997
I built the site completely new, added frames and the chess-section on Nimzowitsch.
May 5 1996
Made Chess02. Several small changes to index-page.
May 4 1996
I started a series of raytracings with chess-pieces in them. Finished the first one: Chess01. The CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) for the pieces was done by Ville Saari.
April 4, 1996 17:30
Start of site