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[Portret] Self-portrait
No he's no doctor but he IS a DOCumentor. The figure in the portrait is worried about keeping track of all his DOCuments, in this case a DOC related to a database of his chess-endgames. Keepin track of the DOCuments, isn't that what it's all about? I quote from my guide on HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE (HTML, the thing Internet pages are written in) :
"Many of the decisions you make on a site-wide level to organize content carry over to the management of "documents", whether they be single pages of HTML, or a collection of such pages which cover a single topic." "Much of the management of documents, though, is the management of links. Hypertext is all about links -- this should be patently obvious to most."
DOCuments and their linkage. DOCuments scattering everywhere. To get drowned in a world of documents. That's the Internet experience. But isn't that very much like life itself? To keep your wits about you? To integrate, to link your experiences. Isn't life very much like maintaining a web-site? And as far as that's concerned, how is Wim doing....? He is shifting his DOCuments around. Trying to make sense of them. He is shuffling his links. To sum him up in one phrase: "This site is under permanent reconstruction".

Wim Nijenhuis, April 3, 1996