Why these notes and abstracts?

Apart from Nimzowitsch' own books, the most interesting source on Nimzowitsch is Raymond Keene's beautiful book "Aron Nimzowitsch: A Reappraisal" (Bell and Sons 1974). However you will hardly find any biographical detail in it. The most extensive biography we have is J. Hannak's 22 page introduction to 'Mein System', but this also concentrates almost exclusively on Nimzowitsch' chess career. It seems hardly feasible to embark upon a serious biographical undertaking. This would mean doing research in Riga, are there survivors of the holocaust in Nimzowitsch' family, are there still unknown sources of information on Nimzowitsch' years in Denmark? I jotted down some notes and made a few interesting abstracts. I am preparing an article wherein I present the games Aljechin-Nimzowitsch as the match that was never played. Now I offer some of the material I have collected on these pages in the hope that it can become a point of exchange of views with other chess players interested in Nimzowitsch. So if you have comments, email me:
Wim Nijenhuis, march 5 1997


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No. 2006/3 of magazine KARL was dedicated to Nimzowitsch
2007 Oktober/Dezember of Kaissiber contains an interesting article by Peter Anderberg.

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