Some background information

I'm not going to explain raytracing here, just giving the general background. These pictures represent my first experiments with POVRAY, the Persistence Of Vision RAY-tracer, a fantastic freeware program. They were made in the fall of 1993, the text input was written on my old XT-computer, the images themselves traced on the 486 of a friend who was on holiday. Not that I think them such a big deal, but they're all I have to offer presently. The XT broke down and there was no more raytracing for a long long time. That situation is on the mend now, and I hope to start creating new images soon. I've presented my material here as an exercise in Hypertext Markup Language and web-authoring. Doing the graphics was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy them.

Wim Nijenhuis, April 3, 1996

What's new?
May 5 1996. I started doing a series of ray-tracings based upon Ville Saari's chess-pieces.